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About Us

Who are we?

Founded in 2017 LA Connect is a boutique personal marketing service dedicated to driving the vocational goals of our selectively diverse clientele. With an emphasis on brands, events and talent we pride ourselves on delivering an affordable and personable custom-made approach to help you succeed.

Are you a business or talent starting out or an established business rebranding? 

LA Connect offers Consulting and Development, Publicity, Copywriting and Social Media Management for your small business or startup.

Now available to purchase is the 3 month, 6 month and 12 month membership to The Actors Membership. A membership only service providing actors in LA with everything they need to ignite their career without the elaborate price tag. 

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LA Connect will cater to your needs so that you don't waste time or money whilst focusing on your profession or organising that special event.


Let LA Connect  provide the solutions and exposure you need to hit the ground running.




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Our Valued Brands

Xceler8 Skincare
Holy Goat Shoes
Finca La Malena Wines
Get Threaded
Damian Sommerlad in Life of the Party
Miranda O'Hare in Indigo Lake
Miranda O'Hare in Indigo Lake

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Word on the Street

Here are just a few things some of our clients say about LA Connect. Want a reference? Simply shoot us an email and we will be happy to organise this for you.


“I have been living in LA for two years. The first year was difficult; I spent a lot of time figuring out how the industry worked in this town. After six weeks with Alixandra from LA Connect I was able to achieve goals that I thought would take closer to six months. She is personable, approachable and most of all she believes anything is possible— and in this town that attitude is priceless”

Miranda O'Hare, Australian Actress, Producer and Writer

“LA Connect did exactly that - connect us! Get Threaded has 20 locations in Australia and it has been a dream to open my business in Los Angeles. Alixandra made that dream a reality. Everything we wanted from partnerships with Vanderpump Dogs, My Intent and DFC Candles to instantly and instinctually, and at an affordable price knowing what is best for our brand. Alixandra also created and completely rebranded our website perfectly - our online shop is flawless and our brand message is clear. LA Connect provides amazing ideas and support I can NOT recommend them enough.”

Liz See, Founder, Get Threaded

“LA Connect have been instrumental to us, helping us navigate new waters in the US business and entertainment world. Always professional, insightful and willing to go above and beyond to assist - whether it be providing us that key contact, helping us with press, or strategizing our next move.”

Talia Neustadt, Legal and Business Affairs Director, Buybye

“After crossing paths with Alixandra from LA Connect, she completely transformed my blog into something so chic and beautiful, something so ME that I am now so excited about sharing it with everyone...if you need a website or any other PR or Social Media service for your biz, Alixandra is your gal!”

Christy Howitt, Author and Blogger, A Diary of Style and Design

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Miranda O'Hare at the Premiere of her film Indigo Lake