Affordable Websites

No matter who you are chances are at some point you will need a website. Often this can be an expensive and lengthly process. Not at LA Connect! In 48 business hours we will have your website live and ready to show to the world. Starting at $600 contact us today for a website you will love at a price you can afford.


The process is simple:

  1. Send us your content - don't worry we will make changes if needed we just need something to work with!

  2. Maximum 5 page site.

  3. A quick 30 minute phone call so we can get started on the right foot.

  4. We purchase the hosting site on your behalf and commence work. (Wix is our hosting site of choice)*

  5. Before the 48 hours is complete we ask that you take a look at our work and let us know of any last minute changes. (We want to make sure you are happy with the result!)​

  6. Viola! Your SEO friendly Website is complete! Before we go live we will send you an invoice for the balance ( a 50% deposit + cost of hosting site is required at commencement of website.)


Do I own my finished website?


YES! The website is all yours.

Can I edit my website easily once the site launches?


Yes! - We can show you how to make basic changes before the site goes live. In the event you do not wish to make your own changes we can do most changes/updates for you for $50.


I have a website already. Are you able to work from that?


We can use your content and photos but we are unable to work from the same platform. We strive to create professional websites with an efficient turn around - we are unable to guarantee this if we are developing a new site from an already exisiting platform.

Will my website be custom designed?


Yes and No. We want to make sure that your website is unique to you and your business venture. However, to avoid charging you a fortune we have various layouts that we work with.

Can I talk to a real person?


Absolutely! Just like you we are a small business and we thrive on being personable so give us a call or send us an email and we will get back to you ASAP.​

What about examples?

We can show you examples upon request. In the meantime check out our Testimonials and Brands on our Homepage!

*Hosting fee is additional to the cost of web design.