• Alixandra Kupcik

5 Tips for Success From LA Acting Coach Annie Grindlay

Starring Rami Malek (Student of Annie Grinlay)

"Our work as actors is undoubtedly inspired by various life experiences and observations. No two actors are ever the same – THANK GOD! We all have our own reasons and motivations for doing what we do. For an actor pursuing a career in LA it is important to find a support network that resonates with your own journey on every level. Finding an acting teacher who brings out YOUR best whilst inspiring you to BE YOUR BEST is the first step in cementing your unique road to success.

When I first came to LA I found the number of acting teachers in the city incredibly overwhelming. As a formerly trained actor I was looking for an acting coach who would get straight to the point. Primarily a stage actress I knew I needed to direct my focus to learning critical on-camera skills and I wanted an acting teacher who could instantly recognize the techniques I needed to apply in order to book the job.

I quickly found Annie Grindlay, and from the moment class started I knew she was exactly what I was looking for. Her teaching is selfless, no fuss, and completely brilliant. No matter what your level is, I guarantee you that after one class with Annie you will not only feel more confident with your work as an actor, you will be well on your way to booking more work.

If LA is a magical city where anything can happen, Annie Grindlay is the Fairy Godmother who will guide you to your dream destination. With students currently starring in Saturday Night Live and playing the lead in the soon to be released Bohemian Rhapsody (it will be released Nov 2) she is a constant reminder to all of us that with the right tools our dreams really can come true."

Keep reading here to learn Annie's top 5 tips for success as an actor in LA in my latest article for LA Casting (Casting Networks International).

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