• Alixandra Kupcik

5 Work From Home Jobs For Actors

Updated: Oct 28, 2018

Lights, Camera, Work From Home!

As actors, the saying “don’t give up your day job” has a meaning of it’s own - whether you like it or not, if you are an actor you are going to need a day job to survive. Even Jay Leno worked at a car dealership in his early days as a comedian, and when those big time TV deals and contracts started rolling in, Leno still believed in working multiple jobs. The idea was that he would save one income and spend the rest for a “peace of mind.” Kate Hudson has Fabletics, Diane Keaton flips houses and distributes wine.

During LA Connect consulting and development sessions for actors we remind our clients that no matter how successful you are or will be in the entertainment industry, you will always have your highs and lows making the need to diversify and economize the nature of the beast. Contracts end, dry spells happen, and seasons change. But, as Doctor Seuss proclaims “You have brains in your head and feet in your shoes, you can steer yourself in any direction you choose!”

Thankfully, with the advancement of online communication the days where actors must subject themselves to late night bar work, and waiting tables to make ends meet are well and truly over. In today’s world, your side hustle can be conducted from the comfort of your own home or favourite coffee shop.

Keep reading to discover our top five work from home jobs for actors.

1. Virtual Assistant.

Gone are the days where an actor has to pose as a secretary, receptionist, office clerk or assistant in a corporate setting. The very thought of having to show up to a job in an environment that not only hinders your creativity but also traps you into a 9-5 lifestyle is enough to dampen anyone’s inspiration. Instead, be your own boss, name your own hours, save money on travel and become a Virtual Assistant! Facebook groups like The Intentional Entrepreneur, and Women Helping Women Entrepreneurs (sorry boys!) are great places to find VA jobs. There are many online freelance platforms too; a new one that everyone is talking about is Alignable. Follow LA Connect on Facebook, and Instagram as well for the occasional call-out and tips.

2. Dog or Cat Sitter. Love animals? Then, why not become a dog or cat sitter? If you have the space, utilize it to house some furry friends for a while. Sites like rover.com will help you find work with payment ranging from $15-$30 per visit. It is no secret that animals are great for our mental and emotional wellbeing. If you love animals and need extra cash, this is the purrfect job for you!

3. Copywriter. If you are an actor there is a pretty high chance that you have the gift of the gab. With all the plays, scripts, and sides you are presented with on a day-to-day basis, your understanding of grammar and words is undoubtedly priceless. Also, chances are you have penned your own scripts, website copy, synopsis etc so you know the power of words online. You probably already have enough material to create a writing portfolio. If not, reach out to some new businesses and ask if you could contribute to their blog. LA Connect are always open to contributors so get in touch and get writing. Before you know it, you will have at least half a dozen pieces to get you started as a copywriter.

4. Social Media Manager. Social Media is the modern day PR. If you are not on social media then do you even exist? Most actors are ahead in the social media game because it is crucial marketing platform. You know the strategy, you know branding, you know engagement, and you know how to create successful profiles. You also know just how time consuming managing an account can be. Which is why so many companies hire people to do this. They simply DO NOT have the time to successfully manage their own accounts. But, you do, and you know exactly what to do. To get the ball rolling offer to manage some profiles for people or businesses for free for a month, before you know it you will have a body of work worth sharing and being paid for. Depending on the service, social media managers can make up to $1200 a month or more for just one account. Time to get posting!

5. Tutoring. If you have a degree, or consider yourself experienced enough to tutor acting or drama for kids then why not start now? Many children turn to acting as a way to build their confidence. Performing is a great way for children, teenagers, even executives to come out of their shell and advance their studies, or career. Individual tuition, or group tuition are options, and the great thing is, if you are good at it (which you no doubt will be) you will not only be changing a life for the better you will also be learning something yourself and adding great value to your own actor toolbox. It’s a win – win!

The most important thing to remember as an actor is to always seek work that not only makes you a better actor but also a better human. Expand your mind and your heart, and most of all – believe in yourself. Always add to your skillset, you never know when a role might present itself for a “millennial actor who also works as a social media manager to make ends meet.”

Role with the times (see what I did there?), stay true to yourself, and just like Jay Leno you will always have “a peace of mind”

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Invest in you,

Alixandra Kupcik

Founder | LA Connect