• Alixandra Kupcik

How to Build Your Career on a Budget

Updated: Nov 14, 2018

"A smart person knows that every dollar spent towards building their career is essentially a dollar earned."

In life you get what you give and when it comes to building your dream career the apple certainly doesn't fall far from that giving tree.

It's no secret that success comes to those who not only work hard but also take calculated risks and invest in their careers wisely. A smart person knows that every dollar spent towards building their career is essentially a dollar earned. But, in a world where money is critical to our existence - until those dollar bills start growing on trees - most of us at some point in our journey struggle to make ends meet. Even when you do start to bank those hard earned dollars, a savvy professional will always look for ways to grow economically.

From actors, musicians, and small business owners to designers and entrepreneurs, the big question for anyone wanting to advance their career is:

How exactly can you build your career on a budget?

At LA Connect we have created the perfect resource for you to hit the ground running in the direction of your dreams. The Actors Package can literally save you thousands of dollars every year on exclusive LA industry professionals. Need new headshots? A demo reel? Acting classes? A gym membership? Hair and makeup artists? A stylist? A business coach? A manifestation coach? We have circa 50 LA businesses who will offer every Actors Package member up to 25% off their service and/or products.

The great thing about The Actors Package, is that not only can you save money on the things you need to build your career, you can join The Actors Package for less than $16 a month. So, for less than 60cents a day you can save $100s every month. But, just when you thought this investment couldn't get any better - with our Freaky Friday offer extended to 11:59pm Friday November 30 PDT you can become a member of the Actors Package for $99 a year. Thats $8.25 a month. It's loose change! Anyone serious about their success knows that this is a must have investment.

The Actors Package is not just for actors - if you are a business owner, entrepreneur, or anyone wanting the best of LA for a fraction of the cost then for $8.25 a month this is the membership for you. Perhaps you are a business professional needing new headshots, event photos, a promo video, a fitness instructor, make up for an important event? You may even want to take some acting classes to build up your confidence for those big board meetings. Whatever your line of work, if you are serious about moving forward in your vocation in LA an investment in The Actors Package is your next step towards success.

Aside from great discounts all year round, by joining The Actors Package you will also be signing up to an instant network of industry professionals. With a curated selection of LA services and products our network is also a great platform for you to network and grow in the city of angels.

How it Works:

  • Head to www.losangelesconnect.net/actors-package

  • Peruse our Industry Experts to learn how much you will save with your membership.

  • Purchase your membership for instant discounts to LA Connect Industry Experts.

  • Opt to return to our website after purchase to fill out our welcome form.

  • Member contacts Industry Expert of choice to start using their services with the exclusive LA Connect discount.

  • Member saves up to 25% on vital tools needed to build a strong career in LA.

How easy is that? Start moving and join The Actors Package now! $99 Freaky Friday offer is available till 11:59pm November30 PDT.

"One of our actors, Bethany, needed new headshots, makeup for headshots, acting classes, a gym membership and a new demo reel. By being with LA Connect, Bethany saved up to $685 (not to mention hours of searching time!) all because she decided to invest in a one year Actors Package membership."

"Another actor, Sam, decided that over the next 6 months he will prepare for pilot season- investing in Acting classes, a fitness program, new headshots and a dialect coach. With the Actors Package, Sam will save up to $560."

A small investment made today will see you reap the rewards in the future.

Have a great week - you deserve it!