• Sinead Curry

Social Media Should Be Your Priority. Here's Why.

Did you know there are now more than 700 Million active Instagram users? 3 Billion people are expected to be using Social Media by 2020. By 2030, it's estimated that literally half the worlds population will be on Instagram alone. Those figures, I'm sure you'll agree, are nothing short of astounding.

The potential reach (and predicted growth) of social media is HUGE... And Social Media platforms are free! So, what are you waiting for?

Your presence on Social Media is CRUCIAL to foster short- and long-term business growth, no matter your industry. It’s imperative you start using social media correctly, and begin today.

But how can leaders of small and big businesses devote their precious free time to establishing a strong social media presence? Put simply,they can't. That's why Social Media Managers are the new PR Consultants of the digital age. We do it, so you don't have too.

How can a #SocialMediaManager accelerate your brand equity and ROI? Check this out.

1. Reputation

In the rapidly evolving digital marketplace, your online perception is EVERYTHING. Businesses who employ social media managers to use visual and written language effectively convey legitimacy, desire and exclusivity. That's why social media accounts are eclipsing traditional advertising methods in driving traceable sales.

2. Trends

You already run a business, manufacture products, market services and stay on top of creativity, logistics, sales and PR. If you manage to pick your kids up from school on time, I salute you. Expecting a business owner to post on social media regularly, engage with followers, build a community network AND operate their in a way that's sensitive to the finer details of the ever-changing algorithms is... a lot to ask. It's downright unrealistic. Social media managers are paid to do all of the above, and more. We stay on top of #socialmediatrends so you don't have too. Social Media is a full time job in itself.

The technique social media managers use is correct and up to date, so when an algorithm changes, your profits don't

3. Research

 Part of staying on top means ensuring that the technique social media managers use is correct and up to date, so when an algorithm changes, your profits don't. There's no way to gain traction using social media to drive sales based on an out of date algorithm. Social media managers ensure your visibility, year-round.

Social Media is a full time job in itself

4. Audience

 When used effectively, #socialmedia is the most powerful modern tool toacquire, engage and solidify new customers. Audience growth can be fast-tracked with the use of an #APIHacker. For more info on API Algorithm Hacking, book a FREE consultation today.

5. Consistency

'If a Small Business is on a role with social media, their audience will stick around, right?' Wrong. Inconsistent pace, type, copy style, aesthetic, handles, #tagging, or frequency of posting can make your audience rapidly disengage. THIS IS BAD. Social Media Managers are here to make sure there's never a hiccup in your content, and ensure that your channels are an accurate representation of your business' potential. We create an excellent first impression for your consumer to digest, and then maximise its' reach and growth.

So - are you ready to maximise profit and expand your potential on Social Media?

A Social Media Manager can help you do just that. If you'd like a FREE Consultation, LA Connect can talk you through a bespoke strategy to suit your needs. Check out the LA Connect social media packages today.