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Think Ya Brad Pitt?

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

Of course ya do! That's why you packed your bags, sold your goldfish, and headed to La La Land. You gave yourself a year? Maybe till you turn 30? Plenty of time to make it in Hollywoodland. But, AS IF you will even need all that time. You are totally ready to hit the ground running. You have passion, talent, everyone tells you that you need to be in LA, and you have enough savings for 6 months - more money than ever before! Oh and the pièce de résistance - killer new headshots! Casting Directors would be craaaaaaaazzzzzy to say no to you. You will be making dreams happen before you know it. Nothing is going to stop you.

Fast forward three months, and that bar tending job you were certain you'd score to supplement your income was harder to find than originally thought, those headshots you adored aren't really what CDs are looking for, and you basically need to do a total rebrand to secure work. The thing is, you don't have the time or local knowledge to research the thousands of acting resources in LA to begin your rebrand. You are also trying to watch your spending seeing as rent was due like yesterday and living on canned tuna isn't really an option.

This is why The Actors Package basically is a lifesaver for actors in LA, especially if you are new in town. Hundreds of Industry Experts from photographers and demo reel producers to acting teachers and gyms (gotta keep fit!) were vetted over the course of 12 months to create a unique platform of resources for actors in LA. BUT WAIT - THERE'S MORE! The Actors Package not only helps save time it also helps you save money by providing you with an exclusive LA Connect Discount for ALL Actors Package Members. But WAIT there is EVEN MORE, The Actors Package was created by actors FOR actors who only wish there was an instant network like this when they first arrived in LA.

Meet Alixandra Kupcik and Eliza St John, the two Aussie Female Actors who are the founders of The Actors Package. Find out about their innovative platform from the girls themselves.

Why did you decide to create The Actors Package?

Eliza: An actor's network is an integral part of their career. Building a strong trustworthy network takes a lot of time, trial and error, and financial resources. Then add the challenge of moving to a new city on top of all this. Together, I wanted to create this package to help actor's save time, energy and cost when building their industry network in LA. Allowing them more time to focus on training, nailing their auditions and booking jobs.

Alixandra: Being an Actor in a big city like LA, where so many people are pursuing the same career as you can not only be overwhelming, it can be truly frightening. With a package like this we have developed a solution for actors who value their time and purse strings. Furthermore, with our regular free events we hope to bring people together who value their work with the same commitment needed to become a working actor. I have been living in the USA for almost 10 years and I still feel overwhelmed with the industry. It is tough, and it is really, really hard, there are no shortcuts. Even if you get a lucky break you still need to keep working at it. Work comes and goes no matter where you are on the ladder of success. The Actors Package is designed to alleviate some of the burden actors inevitably face.

How long did it take you to find the Industry Experts for the platform?

Eliza: The response has been overwhelming. Once we started putting the word out about our business, the Industry Experts loved our concept. We have welcomed many photographers, fitness trainers, acting coaches, demo reel creators etc on board, however we have made sure to meet with every single one, research and test their work before signing them to The Actor's package. Overall the Industry Experts want to help actors in LA succeed. 

Alixandra: We wanted to spend as much time needed to make sure our network is not only a safe one but one of a high standard. One of the main ideas behind The Actors Package is to the research so actors don't have to. So, we spent the greater part of a year getting our ducks in order and curating a network we would feel confident using and therefore, so would our members.

What makes the LA Connect Industry Experts unique from any other experts in LA?

Eliza: The LA Connect Industry Experts are offering exclusive discounts specific to LA Connect actors. These discounts are not available outside of The Actor's Package. Our Industry Experts are also focused on developing the network together through collaborations plus hosting events each month in association with LA Connect.

Alixandra: I think Eliza just hit the nail on the head. If you are serious about your career then the savings you will make will be worth the small membership fee. Hands Down.

What can actors in LA benefit from the Package?

Eliza: An instant network of photographers, demo reels producers, make up artists, acting coaches etc handed to them with a click of a button.

Alixandra: Exactly Eliza, you can save SO much time with The Actors Package, and if you are anything like me you value your time. The discounts are amaaaazing! You can legit save thousands a year for only $195 a month, or $90 for 3 months. It's exciting!

Do you need to be living in LA to be an Actors Package member?

Eliza: You can become a member from anywhere in the world, however you need to be living LA to gain the full advantage of being a member. This is due to the fact that the majority of our Industry experts are located and working in LA. Plus the concept is there for the actor so they can build their instant industry network specifically in LA.

Alixandra: Yea, we don't ever want to make people feel unwelcome but we also want you to get the most out of your membership. If you don't live in LA but are moving here, The Actors Package can be game changer for you because you can start to organize things in advance. We have members overseas who are in the process of moving and they do find it beneficial because they can begin planning.

If The Actors Package was around when you first came to LA would you have found it beneficial?

Eliza: ABSOLUTELY. Like many actors, when I first arrived in LA ten years ago - I was completely overwhelmed with the hustle. Didn't know where to start, where to put my money and most importantly: who to trust. In every day life we go by our gut instinct or who the people we trust recommend. If only a resource like this existed back then, much time would have been saved. I am so excited to be sharing the Actors Package with actors coming to LA from near and far!

Alixandra: Is this a trick question?

Find out more about the benefits of The Actors Package here and if you have any questions you would like to ask either Alix or Eliza directly please email them at their respective email addresses below and they will get back to you as soon as possible:



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