• Alixandra Kupcik

This Film was Turned Down by Studio Execs & Went on to Gross 247MM

Updated: Mar 7, 2019

The story goes like this.....

David Permut (Oscar Nominated Producer of Hacksaw Ridge) goes into New Line Cinema with Jim Carrey to pitch Dumb and Dumber. "That's a terrible idea" the studio says. "No one would ever want to see a film like that!" they laughed.

Keep in mind this was JUST before Ace Ventura Pet Detective came out making Jim Carrey an international phenomenon and a box office success (Ace Ventura grossed 107MM from a 15MM budget). Next thing Permut hears is that New Line Cinema have Greenlighted a film called "Dumb and Dumber" starring Jim Carrey.....but no mention of David Permut at all!

The film they laughed at and said no one would ever see went on to make 247MM worldwide.

In a never before seen trial of events, David went on to sue New Line Cinema and lets just say they settled out of court for a pretty solid settlement in Davids favor.

Check out this recent article in the Hollywood Reporter about David and his humble beginnings.

Moral of the story...

If you have an idea, a dream, a talent and a boundless belief in your work, you really can conquer this town...including ruthless studios just like David did.

The Business of Acting is a cut throat world and as actors it can be overwhelming to not only have to work on your creative skills but also the commerce, sales and marketing side of show business. After all, it is called "show business!"

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