• Alixandra Kupcik

Young One Studio: Hollywoods Number 1 Boutique Studio

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

As we reel in the new year (see what I did there) we are excited to start the year off with our first event for our new platform The Actors Package.

Launched in September 2018, The Actors Package is an exclusive network of LA Industry Professionals that not only saves actors money, it also saves you (the actor) precious time, by providing actors with a trusted and safe network in LA that can take years to build.

Check out the benefits of The Actors Package here.

If you are an Actor in LA we would love you to join us at our next FREE Actors Workshop with Hollywoods number one boutique studio Young One Studio.


Annie Grindlay will be giving a taste of her Audition Workshop practiced by the likes of actors such as Golden Globe winner Rami Malek.

Young One Studio will be workshopping acting and voice demo reels.

Gain an insight, tips and tricks into the works of Grant Terzakis and Kathy Luu who are the in house photographers for Young One Studio.

LA Connect will be sharing information about The Actors Package.

There will be giveaways, networking and more!

WHEN: Saturday 23 Feb, 2PM-4PM

WHERE: Ruby Theatre at The Complex Hollywood, 6476 Santa Monica BLVD, Los Angeles. Please note that there is ONLY on street parking so arrive early or catch an Uber or a Lyft.

COST: Free

RSVP: Click here to RSVP. RSVP IS ESSENTIAL. Spots are STRICTLY Limited.

In the meantime we thought we would introduce you to Maty and Tam, the duo behind Young One Studio aka Hollywoods number one boutique studio. We are so excited to not only be collaborating with them for our Feb 23rd Actors Workshop but we are also thrilled to welcome them to The Actors Package platform, and know that our members will love working with this amazing team.

1. What inspired Young One Studio (YOS) to start?

We both come from an acting background and around 2013 began to direct projects and make our own content. A year later we decided to expand into creating content for our peers and in 2014 YOStudio was created. We each loved the idea that we could make a living from creating high-quality material at rates that no one else was offering in the industry, so our studio grew from there.

2. What do you believe are the most important marketing tools an actor can have in today's industry?

High quality, well-produced content. Even if you're an incredible actor, the industry moves so fast that the mediocre actor with a diverse reel dripping in production value, will stand out way more than an amazing performance with bad sound and bad lighting. If a CD can bring up a clip of you playing the character they're looking for, in a well-produced video comparable to film or television, it makes their job easier which reflects back on you.

3. Do you believe an actor's individual network plays an integral part in expanding their career?

Absolutely. The more people you know and the quality of the first impression you make as your network expands, is directly related to the opportunities you open yourself up to. 

4. Were you personally overwhelmed when moving from Australia to LA? How did you overcome this?

We weren't overwhelmed, simply because we had a very clear plan of how we were going to set ourselves up and steps in place to make the transition as painless as possible! We're also lucky that we have each other, as the stress and exhaustion of moving half way around the world is easier to manage when there's someone else there to support you.

5. Do you think theatre training and improvisation techniques are necessities in an actor's repertoire? 

We both agree that theatre is integral to an actor's repertoire, even if it isn't your calling. Learning what it means to perform live in front of a paying audience and to not have any 're-dos' is invaluable training for any performer. Improvisation is also extremely helpful, particularly for auditions and landing jobs in the commercial or comedy world, as many CD's these days will expect you to be able to improvise whole scenes on the fly.

We look forward to seeing you at the LA Connect X Young One Studio Feb 23rd Event. Don't forget to RSVP by sending an email to info.laconnect@gmail.com with Subject Line - "Count Me In February 23rd" or fill out the sign up form on our website before February 18th.

Keep it reel,

The La Connect Team. xx