The Actors Membership 
Benefits of Membership
Founded by two Female Actors from Australia who now live in LA, it wasn’t long before Alixandra Kupcik and Eliza St John quickly realized that the life of an Actor in LA, although rewarding, is a challenging venture. One of the greatest challenges they found in LA was finding a safe, and resourceful network of industry professionals who were not only exceptional at their job but, also affordable. This is why after 10 years of living in the USA, they decided to create a platform that helps actors get on their feet in LA, and also maintain their career by providing them with an instant network of LA Industry Experts at a discount price. This network not only saves actors money, it also saves them precious time, by providing them with a trusted and safe network in LA that can take years to build.
An entity of LA Connect, The Actors Membership was developed over a period of 12 months where the girls vetted hundreds of industry experts including, Acting Teachers,  Photographers, Demo Reel Producers, Makeup Artists, Fitness Instructors, Self Help Programs, Vocal Coaches, Editors, Stage Combat Instructors, Stylists, Self Tape Services, Beauty and Wellness, and Editors to curate circa 50 LA Industry Experts to be on the exclusive platform.
In exchange for a VERY affordable 3 month, 6 month, or 12 month membership, actors gain access to exclusive LA Connect discounts to the platforms Industry Experts. To put it simply, actors save time and money with The Actors Membership so that they can focus on actually booking acting jobs, and pursuing a career in LA.
For Example:
One of our actors, Bethany, needed new headshots, makeup for headshots, acting classes, a gym membership and a new demo reel. By being with LA Connect, Bethany saved up to $685 and hours of research time all because she decided to invest in a one year Actors Membership.
Another actor, Sam, decided that over the next 6 months he will prepare for pilot season by investing in Acting classes, a fitness program, new headshots and a dialect coach. With the Actors Membership, Sam will save up to $560.
Please take a look at The Actors Membership here for more information where you can view our promo video starring Alison McGirr, star of the Academy Award winning director Bruce Beresford' latest film - Ladies in Black, find out how membership works, meet the Industry Experts, and sign up to this unique actors resource.
Alix and Eliza know that with The Actors Membership, LA will be a less challenging place for Actors who are serious about investing in their career, and connecting with an instant network.